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Logan Projects

Logan Air Conditioning Pretoria based was started in August 2009 and is quickly becoming one of the leaders in the Air Conditioning and refrigeration industries. We specialise in aircons Pretoria based and provide our clients with the best quality services at the highest standard of worksmanship...

Magic Build

Home decorating can be fun, yet with so many options, it can be overwhelming at times. At Magic Build home decor is made easy - because it's a one stop shop. You will find everything from furniture, curtains, rails, rods & materials to pottery to put those final touches to your...

Plumbers in Johannesburg

Your drain is blocked. Your geyser has burst. That irritating kitchen tap won’t stop dripping. For most people these situations cause panic and leave them with more questions than answers. Plumbing 24/7 has all the answers to your plumbing questions, and we aim to fix your problem quickly and...

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