Alfa Waterproofing & Paint

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Alfa Waterproofing and Painting Contractors are situated in the East of Pretoria, however our services extend to the Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan and Gauteng Areas. We specialize in all kinds of waterproofing for roofs, leaking roofs and ceilings, sagging and damaged roofs. Further we also do waterproofing of factory roofs including IBR roofs, corrugated steel, box gutters and cliplock roofs to name a few. We offer seamless waterproofing solutions suitable for both commerical and domestic use, for new developments and refurbished properties. We provide waterproofing and damproofing for roofs and we can waterproof any substrate. Our specialist waterproofing services include and are not limited to: - Waterproofing, roof repairs (tile and concrete), leaking balcony waterproofing and repairs, dam waterproofing, and shower waterproofing. Only the best quality waterproofing is done by Alfa Waterproofing and Paint Contractors, we utilise superior quality imported products and our teams are professional and very aptly skilled. No comebacks. No shortcuts!