Classy Glass Art Studio

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I do lead panels using the lead came method & other stained glass items. If there is something you would like me to make for you, big or small, I will be happy to meet with you and discuss your requirements. If you have something specific in mind, I can create something around your idea; otherwise I can help you design something that you would love to have in your home.


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I thoroughly enjoy the time I spend at Classy Glass Art Studio as I am not only being creative but also meeting new people. Jacqui is ever so patient and helpful and has assisted me to make some lovely items. I look forward to my next class tomorrow morning with anticipation.

Invited review by Renette (28 Feb 2017)

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A very knowledgeable and experienced teacher a happy place.

Invited review by Pam (01 Mar 2017)

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I went for 2 sessions to the studio and it was a really good experience. The way in which she shows you how to do the techniqe is very good and her attention to detail is brilliant. She has also taken on a charity where she does a workshop for abused woman - this is close to my heart and the organisation appreciates it a lot.

Invited review by Antonette (01 Mar 2017)