HBL Group

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HBL Group is a retail business for Airconditioning Systems as well as Blinds, Laminated Flooring and Decking. We are specialists in the business for 34 years and are striving to improve our services by offering our clients more than they expect. Our products are high quality ranging in the Good / Better / Best categories to meet most and every budget. We buy directly from the manufacturers at wholesale prices and offer them to our clients at competitive retail and guaranteed workmanship.

General Renovation Services

At HBL Group, we have a solid work force with varied experience in general renovation services. Our work force understands the pressure of working to a deadline and are prepared to do what it takes to complete the project on time.

It is our belief that a “cheap” service is not only a disadvantage to us, but also to the client.

It is therefore of utmost importance to us that we deliver quality products and services to all our clients in each and every of our renovation services mentioned below:

– Building, Flooring, Plumbing, Carports, Paint, Palisade Fencing, Electrical, Gates & Gate Motors

The construction sector has various categories. HBL Group however focuses mainly on renovations, repair and maintenance of buildings, plumbing, carports, palisade fencing and more.

Each project we undertake, is carefully selected to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction and the quality of our services and products are of the highest quality.