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Nearly 72% of near-drowning’s occur around the home, for every child that dies of drowning 5 are left with permanent brain damage. Don’t take any chances with the safety of your family, POOL GUARD will assist you in protecting your precious children or pets. Safety is our top priority, we don’t cut corners and we don’t compromise on quality either. Our Mission is to be the leader in providing the highest level of safety and service to our customers. Our pool covers are manufactured and tested and offers solutions from issues of safety, reducing pool maintenance, increasing temperature, conserving water, power and to make household savings. More home owners make use of POOL GUARD because of the hands-on approach, personal service and customer satisfaction….we have a pool cover solution for you!


4.7 / 5

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We received various options from Roelof and he came out to us a few times as we couldn't get our heads around what we wanted vs what could be done. In the end he custom made a leaf catcher combined with a safety cover with poles that solved all our issues.

Uninvited review by Karen (04 Feb 2019)