Reviewer FAQs

Do I have to register to submit a review?

Yes, all reviewers must register on Fynde. We do not support anonymous reviews and require all users to register with their real personal details. We also require all reviewers to verify their email addresses (unless pre-verified) before publishing their reviews. If we realise that a reviewer is using false details, we will remove the user and their reviews from the site.

Can I submit a review of a business that is not listed on Fynde?

Yes, if you can’t find the business on Fynde but want to review it anyway, you can add the business by providing the business details. Then you can review it.

What are invited and uninvited reviews?

Fynde asks business owners to submit customer details to allow Fynde to invite or request reviews on their behalf. If a customer submits a review from such an invitation it is marked as an invited review. If a customer submits a review without such an invitation it is marked as an uninvited review. All reviews on the site are marked as either invited or uninvited. We employ various measures to ensure that all reviews are real and independent.

What happens after I submit a review?

We may use various automated and/or manual methods to assess your review prior to publication. We may reject any review if it does not meet our Content Guidelines. Once your review is published, a confirmation email will be sent to you. An email is also sent to the business to notify them of the review (unless they have opted out of such communications).

Are my personal details shown with my review?

Only your first name, the number of reviews you have submitted, and the review score and contents will be shown publicly on the site. Users are able to view all your past reviews by clicking on your number of past reviews.

Are my details shared with the business owner when I submit a review?

Your full name as well as your email address is shared with the business owner. Fynde does not encourage anonymous reviews. We would like reviewers to stand behind their reviews and for business owners to be able to resolve complaints directly with reviewers. (If you were invited to submit a review by a business owner, the business owner obviously already has full access to all your details.)

Will the business owner reply to my review?

The business owner may reply to your review on the site or may contact you directly. If the business owner replies on the site, you will receive an email notifying you of the reply.

Can I view all my past reviews and business responses?

By going to My Fynde you can view all your past reviews and business responses, as well as amend your personal details and password.

Can I change my rating and review after submitting it?

You can change your rating, but you cannot change your review text. You can submit one additional comment after your review. The additional comment can be submitted before or after the business owner’s response.

Can I delete my review?

No, but you can change your rating or submit one additional comment. The additional comment can be submitted before or after the business owner’s response.

What do I do if the business owner’s response is abusive?

Please report it to us by clicking ’Report as Abuse’ below the business owner’s response. You can access this by going to My Fynde > My Reviews and viewing the specific review and business response.