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My wife and I decided that we wanted a Grass Lapa / Lapa Structure outside on our patio. Our house is quite unique and the Lapa needed to be constructed to match an existing wooden structure / balcony (with larger poles etc.) on the front of our house. We tried a few people who's adverts we came across and were left with the strong impression that they did not know what they were doing and we would be getting an inferior job. Also their quotes were high. Then someone mentioned that we try Johan at Pool Lapa & Canvas King. I was very happy with his quote and he immediately understood our requirements for the Lapa. When Johan started erecting the structure we were amazed. The final product is an excellent piece of work and fits in perfectly into our patio and pool area. My wife and I are very happy with Johan's work. If anyone wants to chat with me about my experience please call sms me on my cell with your number and I will call you back. Say LAPA on the sms. Note: I have no personal relationship with this company. My wife and I are simply greatful for the excellent and professional work and good value provided. Regards Mark Corrigan

Invited review by Mark (01 Mar 2017)