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We are happy with the end result, the quality of the job is good. Which in the end is obviously most important. Regarding service delivery, there are a few points we would like to bring to your attention. The job took VERY long. At first correspondence our house would have been finished within 4 months. In the end, it took 11 months. The communication about the delay was very poor. We feel that we had to drag explanations out of the building contractor every month instead of him being open, honest and straight forward about it. It basically comes down to, do not promise anything you can't deliver, it makes your clients doubt your professionalism and credibility. Certain agreements made on paper weren't follow through, which resulted in a bit of animosity at a stage. Above-mentioned points regarding service delivery are very important to us and therefore the rating for service delivery is poor. If we would ever make use of their services again in the future, these points have to be addressed. But as mentioned earlier, the end result is good.

Invited review by Neelke (13 Mar 2017)